Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Design Week | Textile Day

I heart fabric. There's nothing better than a great fabric shop. After deciding on colors for the room, I like to start with the fabrics. It's much easier to match your paint colors to your fabric than the other way around. Fabric is the thing that makes your room visually dynamic. A few ideas...
Pillow Covers
Couch/Chair/Ottoman Slipcovers
Picture Mats 
Chair seat covers
Window or Bench seat cover

I like to use 3-4 different fabrics in each room. One "main" pattern that I love and a few additional fabrics that complement the main pattern. Use the main pattern at least twice and complementary fabrics once. (For example, if I used the main fabric for pillows and picture mats, I would use other fabrics for curtains and and ottoman slipcover.) 

If you've decided to use your bold color choices on your walls, you'll choose a main fabric that complements but doesn't compete with the wall color. Use neutrals to soften the room. When you have a neutral wall color, choose fabrics that draw the eye with pattern and color. 

Another way to add dimension through fabric is through texture. A few ideas...
Cover a bench seat or pillows with grasscloth, cable knit or wool. 
Use velvet with a raised pattern to upholster a chair. 
Use a ornate patterned oilcloth to cover dining chair seats or a side table. 
Use a fabric with an embroidered design on pillows. 
Add appliques a pillow or window seat. 
Use a double curtain rod with a patterned valance in front and sheer behind. 

Always get swatches first. You are "building" the room design before investing in a big cut of fabric. (I've got a few tubs full of fabric that I bought too quickly!) Shop online. With coupons and free shipping, you can get some great deals. 

Next up...window coverings + rugs. 


Jess said...

Love this post! I have a chair I am having recovered. Do you have any favorite online fabric shops I should check out?

Lauren said...

You have the cutest ideas and it always inspires me so much! Thank you!

PS: I am a past ASU YL girl that John knows, so it's not completely creepy that I like to read your blog!

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