Thursday, July 22, 2010

Better Microwave Popcorn

In my search for better popcorn I came across this popper at the Crate and Barrel Outlet today. Bag-o-popcorn, I banish you. 

A layer of bare kernels in the bottom + 2 min. 45 sec. in the microwave for perfect popcorn. I haven't tried the butter chamber in the top yet. Saving that for tomorrow night. 

Tonight we just went with the standard melted butter and sea salt. I'm going to pick up some Johnny's and White Cheddar for a little future popcorn pizazz. 

Any popcorn seasoning you can't live without? 


Betsy said...

A cheap and healthier solution to microwave popcorn: Just buy the raw kernels (I get mine in the bulk bins at Henry's for 55 cents/lb) and put as many as you want in a brown lunch bag. Roll up the end and put it in the microwave. Use the "sensor popcorn button" Works just like the store bought bags! Plus, if some of the kernels don't pop, you can take the popped ones out and put the unpopped ones back in!

katie shrum said...

taco seasoning! super yum to sprinkle on freshly buttered popcorn :)

jen byard said...

Great ideas! Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Organic garlic powder, butter, sea salt and fresh grated parmesan...yummmm! Although, no one wants to sit next to you when you're eating it.

lisa in az

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