Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camp Food

I finally talked John into trying a camping trip. It's all about the planning and preparation when you take three boys to the wilderness. We've decided to forgo beach camping for our first adventure. (Ben + butt scoot + sand = dad stress) 

I'm looking at a few awesome spots on this list of 36 Best Campgrounds in California. If you're thinking about camping this summer in the west here's a guide to your neck of the woods. Or chose one based on your "personality type". But, knowing us, we'll probably end up picking from this last-minute, no reservation list.

As I plan and prepare for our adventure/possible fiasco, I'll share any helpful planning tips I run across. 

My number one priority for a successful trip is good food. (I'm not feeling hot dogs on a dirty stick if you need a visual) Here's a few ideas for eating right in the woods. Prerequisites: can prep much of it ahead of time, and cooks easily on a camp stove or fire. 

Gotta love Guy. 
Alton's nerdy, but I like his style. 
The BIG list of ideas from Sunset. 
Stephanie's tutorial for tin foil dinners. 
Smores aplenty. What, banana and reese's? 

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