Friday, July 23, 2010

CB Perfume Shop

I'm almost perfume-less, so I've been looking around for something unique to wear. Found these CB Perfumes today at Perch. Trying to decide between these two fragrances, but there's some really interesting combinations to chose from. Could you wear a perfume that smells like mittens, snow and frozen forest? Hmm.

"This is one of the scents I originally designed for my Wardrobe collection. I made the swift discovery that it is wonderful to wear. So I've redone it in a richer concentration especially for you to wear yourself. Lavender Tea is a rich blend of French Lavender, Black Indian Tea, a few warm woods and a subtle touch of Indonesian Patchouli (just a hint)"

"This perfume captures the scent of the hills above Florence - the vineyards, the wild grass, the finocchio, the hot dusty Florentine earth.  And of course a torrent of Violets..."

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