Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chore Charts

Now that we're back, it's Boot Camp around our house. Lincoln is re-adjusting to the real world after having all camp freedom for three weeks. After having to take away his Wii, TV and dessert today (all before breakfast), I've decided to put a little structure into our summer. 

Starting out with chore charts and allowance. My pediatrician recommended having "baseline" chores that you receive allowance for and a list of "extra" chores that earn additional rewards. I'm learning that my kids do best when the expectations are clear, and the consequences are consistent. 

Here are a few of the chore charts I found online that I think would work for us. 

What works with your kids?

Primary Bird Robot Chore Chart. I love this version because it's personalized, magnetic, and easily moved around. 

Printable Chore Chart Cards from I Shoot Nouns. This version would work great for the little guys who need pictures. 

Kid's Responsibility Board at Fisher Kids. I like the combination of chores and allowance on this board. Maybe I'll try using the Robot Cards on a peg-board like this so we can included allowance envelopes...

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Anonymous said...

Wow moms are geniuses! I love these! The chore stick idea is brilliant.

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