Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Design Week | Window Day

I'm having so much fun doing Home Design week, I'm calling a "to be continued" for next week. I haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet (paint/art/accessories). 

But today, let's talk about windows. To cover or not to cover? Do you like dark & mysterious, or bright and airy? If you've seen any of the pictures I've posted of my house, I obviously go with the "less is more" philosophy of window coverings. 

I love a ton of light coming into my house, but I do like the option of getting rooms dark when necessary (movies and direct sun). Besides standard curtains, here are some window covering ideas that give you the best of both worlds...

Roman Shades | Good coverage when down, but look great when pulled up. Consider some with ribbon or embroidered trim to add color and interest to your room. Roman shades look best in windows that are wood-trimmed. 

Wood Blinds + Fabric Valances | I love the dark wood, thin blinds pictured above. I think wood blinds are one of the best looking window treatments when down, but I'm not crazy about how they look pulled up. I like to add a 10-12 inch fabric valance over top of the blind so they are hidden when up. 

Wood Plantation-Style Shutters | Consider shutters that open with levers and also fold back to reveal your windows when you want full light. A fun color, like the blue shutters pictured above, would be a great focal point for your room if there are just one or two windows. White shutters look great in a room with a bright wall color or wallpaper. 

Think about other ways to add interest through your windows. Find unique hooks to hang your curtain panels on. Use a branch to hang sheer curtains on to frame a window. Find a metal or wood geometric see through screen in your windows size. 

Finally, if you have beautiful windows, consider the naked look. An un-covered window adds a serene, un-cluttered look to any room. 

Next up...paint. 

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Emilie said...

Jen, I think you need to come to my house in Eugene to help me decorate. We close this week... want to come?

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