Friday, July 30, 2010


We were in Phoenix this week for the memorial service of our friend Rick. When unexpected things like this happen, it makes you think about the ways you spend your time and who you give your life to. We decided to just be together with our boys and enjoy each other. 

July is not the best time to visit Phoenix (Hello 110 degrees, haven't missed you), but we had a great time swimming. I figured out that Bear isn't really afraid of pools, he just likes them to be a very comfortable 88 degrees before he'll get in. John taught Lincoln how to dive, after a few good belly flops. Ben doesn't understand that his little body is like a rock, and we had to fish him out a few times. Bear jumped to John a hundred times, yelling "Cannon-ball!!!" 

The best memories are of the things that aren't scheduled and don't involve an agenda. I love my boys. 

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