Thursday, August 5, 2010


Bear spent 1/2 the day buried in sand. "Buwwy again!"

This may look like an ordinary hole, but it's really a rebel spy fort in disguise.

We couldn't resist driving over to Malibu for the beach. Specifically Leo Carillo beach with it's tide pools, sandy beach and rocks to climb. Had a great day, 1/2 cloudy, 1/2 sunny...perfect. 

Got back to camp just in time for the evening cool down, Fritos with chili and cheese, and smores. Classic camp menu. Lincoln loves the night time after the little guys go to bed and he gets to stay up at the campfire with John and I. He really thinks it looks like fun to be an adult, so he's enjoying a taste of what we do after he goes to bed at home. 

One more day of dirt! 

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