Monday, August 9, 2010

Cleaning + Organization = Happy

I know I've previously professed my love for the Crate & Barrel Outlet, but did I tell you they have fabulous cleaning supplies? 

I'm in LOVE with my velcro squeeze mop and duster from Way Clean. The mop heads pull off and get thrown in the wash, and Lincoln even likes to dust now. The grocery bag holder from SimpleHuman makes the poopy diaper removal much easier, and my utility gripper will save my back from reaching behind the fridge every time for the broom. At outlet prices. Plus, they look cute in my house which is top priority for cleaning supplies. 

Even though I wish the outlet shop wasn't 30 minutes away, it has probably saved me lots of moola. I have to really ponder my purchases from there and decide if they are really needed. (John and my definitions of "need" are different, but I'm sure you agree with me) 

My "almost 40" hands are needing these adorable green gloves to stave off the wrinkles. I'm going to be picking up a few of these orange tubs to corral the boys' legos and blocks. I love the idea of these dryer balls to make my laundry fluffy, and give me more reason to avoid my iron. Last but not least, this ironing blanket is an essential for the future of  My Three Sons Designs. I'd really like to sit and iron in front of the Kardashians instead of standing at my ironing board. Priorities people. 

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