Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Date to Shop

One of my favorite annual dates with Lincoln is school shopping. There are lots of things that dad is better at, but shopping is all Mom. We make a list of what we need, set our budget, pick out the stores and map out our plan of attack. Of course, we're heading into the stage where I can make suggestions but don't have the final say anymore. Lincoln's already requested skinny jeans and an over-the-shoulder messenger backpack instead of traditional. I'm already thinking of my strategy to steer clear of the logo shirt table at Old Navy. Lincoln's favorite part of the date is getting to pick the restaurant and any dessert on the menu. 

I'm loving this new collection at Gap for kids. Great name and I love the mix of mostly casual with a few pieces that could dress it up for an event. Love the military hat and jacket. Do you have any favorite back to school finds this year?

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Jennifer said...

That is too funny because Emily's only request was skinny jeans and a messenger bag too.

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