Monday, August 23, 2010

Dishwasher Chalkboard

I have the privilege of having a portable dishwasher. Plug it in. Wash. Un-plug till next load. Since this was a craigslist steal, I had no qualms about adding some paint to the ol' girl. 

I've been waiting for the right opportunity to use Martha's method of making your own chalkboard paint. So simple, and it looks great. Follow along to make your own striped chalkboard dishwasher. Or refrigerator. Or wall. (You get the idea.)

Pick up non-sanded grout and 2 shades of flat paint. Mix 1 cup paint with 2 tbs. grout. Stir, stir, stir. You want it to be the consistency of pancake batter, gritty and thick, but no lumps. Do just the first color. Once the grout is added it has a fairly short shelf life of a few hours. 
I'm a big fan of these smooth foam rollers. No brush marks. Roll your entire surface with your first color. Let it dry according to the paint directions. Do a light sanding with 150 grit sandpaper after it's dry. Sand between each coat of paint and after it's finished. 

Use a pencil to mark where you'd like your stripes to be. Mark both sides of the surface so it's easy to line up your tape. Use blue painters tape for easy removal. 

(You might be tempted to skip this next step. Don't. You'll be sad when you rip your tape off and the second color has bled through.) Using the same paint as your first coat, do a second coat over the top of the tape. Allow to dry. Mix your second color with grout, and paint between your tape. Be careful to stay in the tape lines. BE PATIENT. If you don't allow this second color to dry long enough, your paint will come off with the tape. If you have the willpower to wait overnight before taking the tape off (I don't) you'll be in great shape. Gently pull the tape off, pulling backwards instead of lifting up. 

Rub chalk over your finished surface (conditions it) and wipe clean. Your chalkboard is ready for action!


Britt said...

AHH It turned out so great!!! We have a chalkboard project coming up this weekend too...but you'll have to wait until October to see ;)

jen byard said...

Can't wait to see! Your wedding invite ROCKS BTW.

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