Friday, August 6, 2010

Odds and Ends

Have you heard we're getting new neighbors? Ali and Roberto. Moving to San Diego. I think I'll invite her to my book club. And we might need some new insurance. (sorry honey, I had to say it)

I want to rent Joanna's Greenwich Village apartment. Such a fun neighborhood and love her decor. Or maybe a house swap? 

Love these outfits on Jessica S. New attitude. Nice. 

Looking for creative ways to use the tomato bumper crop we have going on. Going to try these tomato sandwiches this weekend. 

Love this new website,, sister site of Just ordered my favorite hair de-frizz lotion and concealer. Here's coupon codes for free shipping and 15% off. 

Ahhh. The best part of camping might be how much you appreciate coming home.  A mopped floor never felt so good. I think we'll be taking it easy this weekend. A home project here or there and some fish on the grill. 

See you back on Monday for a giveaway that will add a little color to your life. (Hmm, now you want to come back Monday, don't you) 

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