Monday, September 13, 2010

Giveaway Monday

Happy Monday! You need this set of books. That's right, you'll get three books that will change your life. Incredible ideas for healthy living, creating balance and peace in your life. A Moment's Peace & Healthy Mom, Healthy Child from Elizabeth Irvine. And a great bonus book from Kirtsy. Creative ideas from top bloggers. You'll love it. Don't you need a little creative inspiration this week? 

Leave a comment. Any comment. And go ahead and enter yourself twice if you share this giveaway with a friend. 

Giveaway ends tuesday night. Books are cool. 


Raelyn said...

Hi Jen! Love your blog and would love to win too. Thanks Raelyn Stockwell

Kimberly said...

Sounds lovely!

Hillary said...

I honestly lovew nothing more than organization! Hillary

Tracey said...

It's as if you have a secret window into my world and anticipate my every need. What fabulous books.

Lexi said...

I'm ready to win :)

Jennifer said...

Cool giveaway! Pick me!

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