Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Postcards to Love

I'm the queen of good intentions, and little follow through when it comes to the written note. I'm constantly thinking of things I'd like to say, but somehow get bogged down in the process of getting to my desk, picking the perfect note, stamping, addressing and getting it in the mail. This sound familiar? 

Therefore, I'm a huge fan of Marta's new postcard series. Her blog is chock full of beautiful pictures of her adventures, and she's decided to share. I'm planning on ordering the two sets above, Autumn: Set 2 and Homemade: Set 1, pre-stamping them, and putting them in a very accessible place in my kitchen. Three postcards out to friends a week seems like a worthwhile goal. Plus, these ones will look great on display while they're waiting to be written in. 

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I just discovered where you upload your own photo, type the message and the address, then they turn it into a postcard and mail it for you! $1.50 each! I'm obsessed

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