Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Before...covered up. 
After...restored. Just right. 

Do you ever take a "time-saving" short-cut that bugs you from the minute it's done? It looks ok, but never feels just right. I'm gradually learning to be patient and wait until I have the time and/or money to do it right the first time. 

Our back patio is our spot to have a glass of wine and discuss the day while watching the sun go down. It was one of the areas our landlord didn't get to before we moved in. A mess of old paint splattered shingle. Very uncomfortable to walk on and ugly to look at. We decided to do the quick fix and put IKEA wood tiles over the top. But they didn't hide the shingle around the edges. A reminder of what was underneath every time I went out there. 

Contrary to what you probably think, I DO realize that I don't own this home. My time and sweat are being poured into someone else's equity. But part of my adjustment to living in CA is becoming comfortable in a rental. And that means making it my own. Three hours of shingle removal, priming and painting. Well worth it for the next few years that we'll be here. And when you join me on the back patio for a glass of wine during sunset, I think you'll whole-heartedly agree. 

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