Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wine Picks

Fresh and Easy Market finally made it to my neighborhood. I've been driving past the construction sight every day for a year. Patiently. Waiting. My first trip  didn't disappoint. Besides the produce and pre-made dinners that I love, they had some amazing specials on wine. I even went outside my normal Paso Robles and Columbia Valley picks to the south of France. (honestly, it was the price that lured me in, but so glad it did) 

This Chateau Calage La Mejanelle blend was a great choice. Very smooth and earthy with lots of berry. Here's a great review of it from Cork'd. 

Juicy, luscious blackberry, raspberry & cherry taste, with a lovely balance of acidity and tannin. Enjoyed it thoroughly with some broiled, peppery sirloin and broccoli. Perhaps the best Fresh & Easy wine I've tried.

I'll be serving more of this at a dinner party this weekend. Fresh and Easy, two things I love about you. First of all, you're English. Obvious coolness factor there. And second, you seem to read my mind. Welcome to the neighborhood. 

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