Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend in Seattle

A weekend away. Just me. On an airplane reading US magazine. Driving my rental car to the 80's and 90's station and no one complaining. Having enough time to put on eyeliner AND eyeshadow. Playing with my nieces and nephews without one of my kids vying for my attention.  

But best of all, getting to enjoy myself while celebrating one of my long time friend's fabulous 40th. (yes, it's a theme this year!) Great conversation about our crazy high school and college "adventures". Talking about how we're going to lock our kids in their rooms when they reach the same age. Awesome old pictures with hair that was held in place by a whole can of Aqua Net. Delicious food, wine and friendships with history that can't be replaced. 


Toddler Max said...

Awesome blog posting!! It was so great to see you. I especially like the picture of the halibut.

Jules said...

It was wonderful to finally get so see you again! Hope to see you again before the theme is "50".

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