Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

Had the privilege of helping with East County Young Life's dessert this weekend. "Something Sweet" theme, with desserts from Heaven Sent, candy in apothocary jars and other decor in bright yellow, pink and dark gray. Turned out very pretty and the program was excellent. Great job, AJ. 

Linc went to his first San Diego State football game Saturday night. In the rain. But he didn't mind getting drenched to be with his dad and get his picture taken with the Aztec. 

Love that the kids are out of school this week. We'll be taking it easy around the house today planning our Thanksgiving menu, finishing up our crafts for the Holiday Fest, and making cookie dough for these. 

1 comment:

JuLieO said...

Lincoln looks SO happy! I love it.

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