Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Design Ideas

I made a pledge this year to use what I have, and resist the temptation to buy more decorations. It's been fun to find creative uses for the things in my Christmas tubs. A few ideas...

De-Clutter. Before you open up your tubs, make a stack of your regular decor to put away until January. Wipe down all your surfaces for a fresh start before putting your Christmas decorations out. Start with a blank slate. 
Nature. Use branches in vases. Decorate fresh rosemary or boxwood trees with ornaments or lights. 
Cluster. Put groupings of decorations of different sizes together rather than spacing them out throughout a room.
Mix it up. Use art, pictures and natural elements together.  
Budget friendly. Glitter snowflakes, balls, ribbon. Use inexpensive ornaments to fill glass hurricanes or apothocary jars. 

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Miriam said...

Jen! I miss you. I have been out the "read your friends blog" loop due to the insanity of life. I just caught up on two months of you life and I SO wish we were neighbors. I love all things Jen Byard.
Hope you are well and that we get to hang out sometime sooner than later!

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