Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

Lots of action around here this weekend! Saturday's project (bunkbeds) turned into Monday morning stitches. Bear slipped off the bottom rung of the ladder and ended up with four stitches in his chin. He was such a good boy at the hospital that they gave him a multi-pack of HotWheels. Hip hip for Rady Children's! 

Lincoln was the coolest wise man ever on Sunday morning. We called him Head Wise Man since his counterparts were half his size and needed much direction. Bear and Ben joined in at the end as jingle-bell-singing-sheep. Total chaos, but totally cute.  

Capped off this amazing weekend last night with a trip to the Boat Light Parade on San Diego Bay. The first sail boat was awesome! We were so excited! And then they cancelled the parade due to rain. (Seattle friends and family, you would have been ashamed at the amount of rain that cancelled this parade. SO pathetic) 

Looking forward to a fun, low-key week before Christmas. Hope you've got some fun things planned. 

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