Thursday, January 6, 2011


He's been letting 'em fly lately. Daily (and nightly) doses of humor. Just for me. 

When faced with sliced celery on his plate last week. "Mom, only the Wonder Pets eat celery." Good point. 

While watching a movie this morning. "Mom, you've got some popcorn making to do." Yes, boss. 

He got his long curls buzzed off a few days ago. About 2 am last night I woke up to his crying. When I got into his room he was still asleep, rubbing his head and saying "my hair is gone!!!" 

It's an adventure around here. 

1 comment:

Michelle :) said...

awwww. sweet little man! I'm still remembering a baby boy on a blanket at YoungLives camp. . . which his mom does the tootsie roll . . .

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