Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clean Up on Aisle 8.

Bear and I are under the weather today. I knew we were heading in that direction when Bear caused a "clean up on aisle 8!" at Walgreens. It was all downhill after that. 

Bear's currently in bed and I'm sharing the couch with Tiger while attempting to learn "couponing". It's a verb. I've decided that in my mind I'm still too cool for a mini-van but not too cool to save a bunch of cash with coupons. Plus, I'm going to dress really cute when I go to the grocery store so I can help couponing's image. are a few recent Bear-isms just in case you're having a day like ours. 

After his friend Porter missed a catch the other day while playing, Bear told him "You gotta keep your eye on the ball". Solid advice. 

Bear tried calling John's cell yesterday. After getting John's voicemail he said, "Dad's not answering. He must be busy at work building legos." Something like that, right John? 

After getting home from shopping for snacks the other day, he called out from the living room, "Hey Mom, can you get me some Pirate Tootie?"     

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I am now the coupon lady...tomorrow 5 oatmeals for free plus .50 overage...yowza.
Go get em girl, you will ROCK couponing

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