Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Been a Slow One.

Pizza Making. Fascinating. 

This has been the "week o' back pain". (If you make it Irish it sounds like more fun) And that's left me less-than-inspired and a bit grouchy. I tried to fix it myself with yoga. HOT POWER VINYASA yoga. Genius, right? So after pulling an all-nighter last night, counting the minutes till morning, I finally caved and headed into the chiropractor this morning. (BTW, WebMD is a horrible idea at 2am. So dramatic.) I heart my heating pad. 

On a brighter note, I'm loving your marketplace name ideas! You're so creative. Please, give me more. Put your thinking caps on this weekend. I appreciate it.  

Hope your weekend is full of fun plans. I'm going out with John tonight. I love starting out the weekend with a friday night date. I'm thinking of trying out Ritual Tavern. Been meaning to try it since they won top honors in the Chili Cook-off at our SoNo Park Holiday Fest. 

Wish you were here to share some stout and a cheese plate with. Happy weekend!

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