Monday, January 24, 2011

Name Me.

No, I'm not having a baby. But I am starting something new that I'm very excited about. An online market for unique one-of-a-kind treasures. Some will be made by talented artists and crafters, some will be vintage finds and others will just be my favorite things. The wheels are in motion, but I'm stumped on the name. The most important part, don't you agree? 

So I'm offering you, my creative readers, a $100 gift certificate to spend on either My Three Sons Designs merchandise or save it to spend when the market opens. All you have to do is come up with the name.

Memorable. descriptive. inspiring. Are you up for it? 

Leave your suggestions as a comment. Every suggestion (up to 5 per person) will be an entry. Contest will close Sunday, January 30th at midnight. Merci. 


Anonymous said...

Jen! What fun new endeavor!!

I miss you guys ... especially that sweet boy named "Ben."

So, I may come up with other name suggestions, but my first one is:


Anonymous said...

2 more ideas

"Fait" (/fay/ - French for "made")

"Fait Belle" (French for "made beautiful")

Hillary said...

Hi! Here is my first one:


Hillary said...

Here is my second:


Hillary said...

Here is my third:


Hillary said...

Here is my 4th:

Little Loveys

Jules said...

atSo when we spoke yesterday and I asked you "what's new with you?" that would have been a great time to tell me about this....just saying. I have not come up with anything yet, but I'm sure it will be brilliant when I do.

Miriam said...

I want to be creative! Ok. I am thinking...

Jamee said...

2 suggestions so far...

1) JB at home
2) JB's whimsy

I do like "Made"

Anonymous said...

1)"Peach" or "Peachy" -
referencing the giant peach
2) "Plum"
as in "something superior or very desirable; especailly: something desirable given in return for a favor" (Mirima-Webster)
3)"a plum"
4) "Aplomb"
("complete and confident composure or self-assurance" Mirriam-Webster)

Amy Bonzon said...

"found again"

Amy Bonzon said...

How about..

"all things old and new"

Miriam said...

my favorite french word because it's fun to say, implies mousse but really means grapefruit and who doesn't love grapefruit.
"All Good Things"-title of one of my favorite songs by The Weepies (who doesn't love them), little biblical reference too AND it is simple statement of your goods-All Good Things, right?
It implies understated confidence. Not like you would be calling it All Things Awesome, but you could!
"Some Things...Loved" (also inspired by The Weepies-can you tell who I am listening too?) but I like the implication of Loved being-found objects AND things you make that you love! It can go both ways.

Lynda Lien said...

Sounds like a really fun adventure, Jen. I wish you the very best in your new undertaking. As far as a name, I'm thinking:

Something Old, Something New

JuLieO said...

"Another Mans' Treasure"

Tracey said...

Ok, it's not great but for some reason I think it is cute.

à la mode

french definition: in the fashion

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