Friday, February 18, 2011

Name Me Winner!

I bet you thought I forgot! Not the case. Just a few weeks of sick people around here (mostly me) and trying to get by. Just one of those months. I'm feeling like things are turning around, so back to important things like PRIZES! 

I loved all of your names. So creative and thoughtful. Thanks so much for the effort. My favorite came from my friend Jessica


"Something superior or very desirable; something desirable given in return for a favor". The definition makes it an even better fit, don't you think? 

Thanks Jessica! I hope you look forward to picking out your treats.  

Next step: awesome logo. 

1 comment:

lindseypatchell said...

Gurrrlllll....always doing something! Proud of you! You are one of the smartest, most creative, and beautiful women I know. Go mama! Miss being a team! : )

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