Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

There was some dividing and conquering in our house this weekend. I took Bear and Ben to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Balboa Park while John and Lincoln worked the Young Life table at San Diego State (Go Aztecs! Did you see that double overtime win on Saturday?) 

We all met up at Lincoln's Little League game that afternoon. Sluggers vs. Green Hornets. It was a real nail biter but we came out ahead. Linc's a real powerhouse hitter this year. (he's also about six inches taller than the rest of the kids on his team, even the 3rd graders!) 

Having a snack with the Koi
 Planting wild sunflowers
 Creepy giant Bear (?) getting a little close
People on Segways fascinate me. They're laughing at themselves.  
 I'm picturing an posh retirement supported by my son's baseball career. 
Pitching to 8 year olds. LOTS of parent input from the bleachers, of course. 

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frande1 said...

Jen you have the cutiest family, those boy's are just adorable. I love your updates and how you and John parent. GREAT JOB! I do know the work your putting into being parents but so happy you both are really enjoying it.

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