Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mexico City | Neighborhoods

Last post on Mexico City. Promise. We are taking the kids to Ensenada this weekend for their first Mexico adventure, and I've got all things Mexico on the brain. 

While I loved visiting the museums & historical sites, my favorite part of Mexico City was experiencing the different neighborhoods. I loved mixing with people and seeing how they live their day to day lives. 

Every neighborhood we visited had beautiful parks, and lots of green trees. There were fountains and statues everywhere, celebrating Mexican heritage. Houses in the city tended to be "hidden" from view, and most had beautiful double doors and ornate name plates announcing the residents. Many had beautiful courtyards behind those doors and balconies with ornate ironwork. We saw people exercising outside everywhere, and in the more traditional neighborhoods, we observed weekend dance classes being taught to all ages. I noticed that elderly people were much more active and visible in the community, mixing with younger people. There was more of an American influence in the wealthier communities we visited. (Loved driving by the Mac Store while we rode on the tour bus!)

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