Thursday, July 28, 2011

Discover San Diego | Oakbridge Edition

Once the last bus of campers pulls out of Oakbridge, it's a mad cleaning rush to squeeze out every possible moment of free time before the next buses arrive. 

This week the itinerary was full of San Diego's finest experiences, jam packed into about 6 hours. Starting out with a visit to the finest Yogurt shop in town, Cup of Yo

Note the gigantic grin on my face as I arrived to find not only my favorite flavor, Taro Tart, but it had been named in my honor. Happy day, I tell you. 

Everyone had their fill of fro yo (thanks Currans!) before we headed out to Cabrillo Monument. This led to lots of oohs and ahhs from our out-of-towners.

Next, a trip to Ortiz's for California Burritos. This was Lincoln's first, and it left him speechless. (for those of you that know Lincoln, speechless is not a word commonly associated with my first born)

No trip to San Diego would be complete without a Padres Game. Great seats, good food and perfect weather almost made up for their loss to the Diamondbacks. Good livin'. 

Bring it on week four, we're ready!

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