Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

Sullivan and Bear rockin' it western style 

We're wrapping up week three here at Oakbridge, and we did the weekend up right. My kids are starting to think it's normal to have cotton candy, snow cones and a carnival on a weekly basis. 

We took a girl's trip up to Julian on Saturday for shopping and lunch at the Julian Grille. Highly recommend it if you're traveling up that way anytime soon. The portobello veggie grilled sandwich and potato leek soup were incredible. 

Lincoln adopted a newborn Rosy Boa that was found here at camp as his new pet. Yes, that's a snake. A real, live boa constrictor. But a very friendly breed, and is starting to grow on me. That's a good thing since it's about six inches now, but will eventually be 4 feet long :) Boys are awesome. 

Looking forward to our final week of camp! 

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