Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY | Map Art

I love old windows. But I get tired of looking at the same old thing. This window has been backed with fabric, pictures and now this vintage style map. This is a super quick and easy project. 
Here's what you'll need... 

- Black or white foam board (Joann's or Michael's)
- Spray adhesive. I use 3M's Super 77 multi-purpose adhesive. 
- Map or poster for display (same size or bigger than window opening)
- Box cutter or rotary blade

Here's how to do it...
- Clean the back side of your window/window panes
- Measure the inside width and height of your window opening. 
- Measure your map and decide how much you'll need to cut off to fit the window opening. 
- Spray adhesive on the back of your map and adhere to foam board. Start in one corner and work your way across using a credit card to smooth out bubbles. 
- Mark the spots where you'll need to cut on your foam board. Use your box cutter on a flat surface to score and then cut off the excess foam board to fit your window opening. You'll want a snug fit in the window. 
- Push your foam board into the opening in the back. If your window doesn't have extra space in the back, use mailing tape or another temporary adhesive to hold the map in place. 
- Clean the front of your window panes & hang

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mikeandmelissafisher said...

Ooh I love this! Thanks for the tip!

You know, it would be fun to actually meet you someday. We won't be stationed in SD anytime soon (if ever), but I'd love to stop by if I ever head that way! And now we're moving to Vegas, let me know if you're ever in town!

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