Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pencil Vases

Had a great time today helping put on the "welcome back" lunch for our school's teachers. I'm so thankful for how much they give to my kids. Looking forward to next Tuesday's drop off! 

These were the centerpieces I did for the tables and thought I'd share a little DIY. Fun for a teacher gift any time of the year. 

Supplies |

1 family-sized soup can (tall can)
40 Colored Pencils 
Hot glue gun
Wood skewer
Scrapbooking paper or notecards
Flowers of your choice

Instructions |

1. Clean your soup can and remove the outer wrapper. Dry completely
2. Use one colored pencil, point side up, to create a baseline along seam of can. Needs to be very straight for the rest of the pencils to line up. Glue on. 
3. Continue around the can gluing your pencils on, pushing them tightly together. If they are tight with no space between you'll be able to fit 40 pencils. 
4. Cut two same sized pieces of paper/notecard to make your sign. Write your message on one or both of the pieces. 
5. Thoroughly cover the back side of one of your papers with hot glue. Quickly put the top 1-2 inches of your skewer in the middle. Put the back side of the other paper on top of the glue covered paper and skewer. 
6. Put water in your can and arrange flowers. Push sign into your flower arrangement. 
7. Bring to school on the first day for big teacher points. You can cash them in later :) 

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