Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Remember my last comment about gaining 5 lbs in San Francisco? It was actually 6. I'm not exaggerating. Tartine must take responsibility for itself. I couldn't stop myself. I felt like Bill Murray eating his corn in "What About Bob?". So good. 

This Croque Monsieur might be the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. Smothered in shitake mushrooms, bechamel and gruyere. What's not to like?

The morning bun and chocolate croissant were exceptional. The cappucino was delicious and artistic at the same time. The tarts...well, have you ever met a tart you didn't like? 

I even told the waiter this was the best food I'd ever eaten. I know, a bit over-zealous, but I really did feel that way at the time. Check out the look on my face. I was happy. So happy.

I'll be ordering one of their cookbooks to get me by until my next trip to San Francisco. I know I say this every time I come back from a new city, but I could totally live in San Fran. Right across the street from Tartine. 

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