Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vintage Book Wreath

Photo via The Nester

Disclaimer: you don't have to consider yourself a "crafter" to make this wreath. 

My good friend Jessica (definitely a crafter, but humble about it) showed me how to make this simple, but gorgeous wreath. It ends up about 3 feet wide, but you can make a smaller version too. Here's the skinny.

Straw wreath, size of your choice
Glue Gun
2 vintage books - 2 different sizes and shades of white/cream
Yep, that's it. 

1. Use brown or other color watercolor to paint the edges of the pages while holding book tightly together. Let dry. 
2. Using the larger book pages, make loose cones. Secure them together at the bottom of the cone with a dab of glue. 
3. Glue the first row of cones onto the top of the wreath all the way around. Right over the plastic is fine. The bottom 2-3 inches will be on the straw, the rest will be sticking out from the wreath. 
4. Flip the wreath over so the cones are now on the bottom. 
5. Repeat the second row on the top of the wreath, using the larger book. 
6. Make 2-3 more rows, depending on how full you'd like your wreath, using the smaller book pages. The pages will "stand up" more as you get closer to the middle of the wreath. 
7. Receive compliments graciously. The End.

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