Thursday, November 24, 2011

Big, Fat Turkey Day

photo credit |  Jessica Porter

Me: "Harrison, Happy Thanksgiving!"
Harrison: "Happy big, fat turkey day Mom!" 

I'm thankful for many things this Thanksgiving, but mostly the big batch of crazy boys pictured above. (Christmas picture out-take!)

+ My bald-by-choice, triathlete, son wrestling, facebook addicted, still-brings-me-flowers husband John

+ My Harry Potter reading, lego building, knows-a-little-about-everything, shower-loathing son Lincoln

+ My about-to-walk (yippee!), mess making, eat-anything, can-burp-on-command-for-a-laugh son Ben 

+ My mama's boy, just-getting-a-serious-tude, friend loving, snack hound, lovable son Bear 

Hope you're finding lots of reasons to be thankful today. 
Happy big, fat turkey day!

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