Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bear's Pirate Party

We've been talking about Bear's birthday party around our house every day for the last six months. Every day Bear asked if his party was that day, and the daily follow up question was if we could move his birthday just a little bit sooner...

Finally the big day arrived. It was pirate gear as far as the eye could see. I don't know what moms did before the internet, but I was happy to find free templates for pirate hats, treasure maps, skull stencils, and pirate masks. Found some adorable pirate cupcake decorations and added a handmade flag banner. 

Bear's favorite part was bouncing on the birthday cake bouncy house with his pals. I loved seeing Lincoln be the treasure hunt captain and introduce his snake, Dr. Doolittle style. Larry was a big hit with the preschool set.  

Bear, you're the cutest pirate around. Looking forward to talking about your 5-year-old party all. year. long. 

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