Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Update

I love a weekend where you actually have enough time to get a little bored. In our family it usually takes a four day weekend to accomplish that. The following run-down is going to look busy, but there was plenty of time for the kids to bug each other and John and I to assess each other's faults and make comments on them. 

Friday was devoted to playing with friends and working on these chairs with Jessica and date night. John and I hit up the happy hour at Jayne's Gastropub (best one in SD in my humble opinion) and saw The Grey. The ultimate man's equivalent to a chick flick. (Spoiler alert: I skipped the Milk Duds which was a huge mistake because I really needed them during the wolf killing scenes. All 50 of them.) 

Saturday involved attending lots of kids sporting events and Sunday was all about doing the chores we'd been putting off until "spring". There were occasional bouts of "I'm bored" or "my stomach hurts" (as chores commenced). 

We finished off the marathon weekend with a family trip to the zoo. Apparently the rest of San Diego decided to do the same thing. Highlights included the most fantastic bag of kettle corn ever, animals with spring fever (Harrison, "Mom, those monkeys sure do like to hug!"), and a round trip skyfari ride over the zoo. 

Happy Tuesday!  

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