Wednesday, July 9, 2008

White Boys at the Splash Park

"I'm bored" is the theme for this time of the year in AZ, so in an effort to create some fun for my boys while it's HOT outside I packed all the stuff (towels, sunscreen, diapers, wipes, bottles, drinks, snacks, hats) and we headed to the Tempe Towne Lake Splash Park. After half a bottle of sunscreen, two drinks, two fruit roll ups and a bottle, they were ready to play. True to their personalities (see pictures below), Lincoln immediately recruited a team to shoot each other with the water blasters, Ben found a girlfriend that played with him the rest of the morning, and Harrison took a nap. I definitely need a third eye when we're out in public...cheers to all you moms out there looking for some summer fun for your kids today!


Paris Cowgirl said...

Sorry for the unannounced home invasion last night! Tucker and Lincoln really need a play OUTSIDE date! Speaking of dates, how was your date night?

My Three Sons Designs said...

Yeah, I'd love for tucker to come over. How about tomorrow? Date night was awesome...salads at Mangos and the wine bar was so fun! We'll totally be back there. Bought a $10 bottle of wine, they decanted it for us and that was it! Perfect night...

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