Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodbye to Preschool

Cutest kids in the world in Benner's preschool class. I brought cupcakes with lots of frosting to school today for Ben's last day. Met his new girlfriend (see below) and tried to figure out how to tell John I'd like to bring her home. She's an absolute doll. 

Ben's class is in the "top 10 things I'll miss most about Arizona". Bye Ms. Anderson, & everyone else who loved Ben this past year. You guys are the best. 


Jen from Seattle said...

Hi Jen...just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you guys. I know the next couple will probably be hectic, crazy, emotional. Give the boys hugs for me. Take care of yourself!

Paris Cowgirl said...

It's so sad to see the moving van outside. We'll miss you guys. You better keep this blog up to date or I'll have your rental manager (Ha) call you!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jen -
Found you on our class website. Love your blog. Congrats on the big move. Hope all goes well!

Jennifer (tate) Aldrich

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