Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, a camera?

I know I get too lovey dovey about this boy, but do you blame me? Tell me if it's too much. There is no one sweeter on the planet. No one who enjoys their life more. No one who has a better sense of humor. No one who likes snacks more than Mr. Ben. He brings joy into my life every day. 

Thanks to our friend Sarah for her delightful photography that captures Ben's spirit so well. We'll miss you Sarah! 


Jessie said...

oh man those are so cute!! I absolutely LOVE the top one, Jessie loves her little angel :) Love you Benners

:) said...

breath-taking. love them.

Jenny G said...

Love these pictures! We have an appointment with Dr. Argueso on Friday...thanks for that. Miss you already...sorry we missed you party. Ryans mom was here.

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