Friday, October 3, 2008

Adventures with the Babies

Harrison's newest trick...drinking from a straw. How do babies learn things that you don't teach them? I still don't get it. 

Hare Bear, Benners & I have been having mini-adventures around town in the morning after we drop Linc off at school. 
So far we've found...
1. Target (two-stories of treasure)
2. Drive-through Starbucks (they call my drink something different here...I'm trying to adjust) 
3. Home Depot (the garden center was like walking into the Garden of Eden)

Now that the staples are out of the way, we're going to explore some funky thrift shops and such next week. 
I'll keep you posted. 


Grandma said...

He's the cutest one yet and smart too! I can't believe hes drinking out of a straw when hes just a newborn.. I miss him more than ever, Are you further away or does it just feel that way? I love all you Byards soooooo much..

court garrison said...

Oh Jen, I have had so much to catch up on...I had to read the last 10 blogs you wrote just to catch up. Okay, caught up and San Diego my friend is one of our favorite cities ever! :) I want to see a pic of the new will have it al cute in no time I am sure! I am obsessed with Ben...obsessed!

Paris Cowgirl said...

That's what brothers are for! They learn from each other secretly. It will happen for years and years. Happy exploring!

domestic bliss said...

Sounds like you are getting settled.
I am so jealous of the flowers you are going to be able to grow there- Hydrangeas- gorgeous!!! I hope you are all doing fabulous!
Take care-

:) said...

how could your drink have a different name? isn't that the reason for universal starbucks language? c'mon baristas- don't mess with the drink

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