Monday, October 6, 2008

Sand in every Crevice

We couldn't end our first week in San Diego without a trip to the beach. Being a new "beach mom", I forgot all of the essentials...

Sand Toys
Wipes for sandy hands
Well, actually I had the sunscreen, but it was overcast, so I didn't put it on my very white boys. Pink cheeks all around. 

Lincoln ran around for two hours straight. 

Ben face-planted and chewed on sand

Harrison crawled around the blanket and acted like he was touching hot coals when he put his hand in the sand. 

John held his swimsuit up with one hand (looking good honey) and built sand castles with the other 

I played in the water and sat on my towel happily looking out at the ocean. Still feel like I'm on a vacation...


Paris Cowgirl said...

I need to give the neighbors your blog link. They are all asking about you! Chloe is getting to be more friendly with all of us. All is good on Robson St. We all wish we were in San Diego though!

Jessie said...

Oh man, that is too cute, i love Ben's face. I'm sure he learned quick that the beach is no place to face plant :)Harrison looks like a little rocker and Lincoln looks like he is in heaven, can't wait to visit and when I do I'll take the pics and maybe just maybe you can be in a few : ) miss you!

Kelly said...

That's the life! Can I live through you :)

Jenny G said...

Good to hear another baby does not appreciate the sand. Henry would not even let me set him down on it.

Jules said...

Soooo jealous. I hope that you always feel like you are on a vacation in San Diego. I can't wait to go to the beach with the boys. They were probably freakin out with all that water. Give my boys hugs and kisses!

:) said...

love that you're lovin' it! yay for the beach

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