Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post Kindergarten Cone

The wedgie master has a new love...kindergarten

He's really loving his new class. It's all day, but just 15 kids and a cute, young teacher, Ms. Mcintosh.

Bribery with treats helps me get some info out of him about his day. The one word "man" answers are starting already. 

Sweet 5 year old. 


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear he's loving' kindergarten! I LOVE your porch ... oh my! Glad you all made it to SD and are getting settled in ... miss you, though!

- Sarah

Mindy said...

How come it already looks like you have been living there for months! You amaze me! Love the porch what fun! We miss you tons!

Jessie said...

I'm so happy Lincoln loves this Kindergarten class. I was afraid the other class was going to ruin his whole outlook on school! He is such a little grown up. Oh and the porch looks great, You have decorations for every holiday :)

JuLieO said...

That porch trumps your az porch any day. No offense towards your old porch of course.

Lincoln looks freakishly grown up there. San Diego is aging him.

I hope your dinner with YoungLife at SDSU went well tonight!!

(That's what you're calling it right? At first I put YLSDSU but changed it)

Paris Cowgirl said...

Jen, are you sure it's o.k. about the house? It would really free up some space if they could just sleep over there. Rick did all your lawns today. Good thing it was only 99 degrees!

Jules said...

Oh your house is so cute! And so is that Wedgie Master. I'm so glad that he loves his kindergarten class. How is Ben liking his class? Any new girlfriends?

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