Thursday, October 9, 2008

Neighborhood Farmer's Market

I'm learning that Farmer's Markets are the thing to do here in San Diego...Hillcrest has the best one on sunday mornings, but North Park's is definitely up and coming. 

All three boys and I hit the North Park one this afternoon. I'll remember to bring cash next time and no boys. But we did end up with a sweet looking eggplant and some banana fingerling potatoes. 

I spoke with Dave, the BMOTM (big man of the market), about having a My Three Sons booth there, and he definitely gave me the once over, had to see my card, and said he'd give me a try. Oh brother. 

I tried to get info from him about the Hillcrest Farmer's Market and I got "let's see your display here and then we'll discuss getting you on the waiting list". 
Double oh brother. 


:) said...

they don't know what their missin'. you go get 'em, girl!

court garrison said...

Farmers Markets are the bomb! For real..keep those local farmers up and running girl! My Three Sons will be a hit...and soon there will be a BW at the Farmers Market

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