Saturday, October 11, 2008

St. Patrick's Fall Festival

We took a family walk tonight to the neighborhood private school's fall festival. 

The boys threw bean bags, darts and bobbed for ducks. 
We had pulled pork BBQ and tostadas, topped off with churros and cherry pie. Definitely not the four food groups, but yummy. 

Ben and I painted a pumpkin and he got a sweet purple sweatband with his game winnings. 

We wore our fleeces and sweatshirts and got a little chilly on the trip home.



onehm said...

Sounds like you guys found an awesome neighborhood!!! What a blessing!!

:) said...

love the family picture at the end. You are just a fabulous blonde- love the hair

Anonymous said...

What fun pictures! You look so great, Jen! Kiss that Benners for me ...

Grandma said...

You can kiss all those Byard boys for me, yeah even John!

Ruffentine said...

Hey there!

Mindy told me to check out your blog So glad I did! It looks like you guys are doing so great! I love the house. So cute! I will call you later this week to check in (:

Love ya!


Bernice said...

Looks like Lincoln has the "Byard smile" down! LOL

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