Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harrison's Birthday - Part 1

The beauty of the one year old party is that they don't care if it's just the family and cupcakes.

Our "bug" theme with balloons, birthday flags, & bug cupcakes was really more for the 5 year old who was quite upset that we didn't invite any of Harrison's friends to the party. 

The Parents Busy Zoo cube was a huge hit with Hare Bear, and the City Garage Heliport was a bit hit with all four boys. 

The baby book set and adorable handmade "bug" crib quilt was appreciated only by me. The plight of being the only woman in the house. 

Party on. 


:) said...

if anyone can keep those boys in control- it's you! yay for bug parties

TrishtheDish said...

Happy birthday Harrison! Look at those boys, they are becoming little men. As a female (former) member of the Byard home, I certainly would have ooed and awed at the quilt and book set.

Jules said...

Oh what a fun bug party!! Is that John in the picture? His face and head look so skinny. Is that the camera angle or is that actually my brother-in-law?

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