Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harrison's Birthday - Part 2

I'm very grateful for the great house we have in North Park, but it's a rental, and I can't get knee deep in paint, so Plan B.

here's a little re-do of Harrison's room. 

It's the cutest little nursery, just big enough for one. 

A few additions to celebrate the big one year old 

Nerdy Baby Flashcards (ex. W is for Water Cycle)
Zoo print by Alexander Henry, valance by mom
Scrap fabric flag-line 

I'll be adding some adorable vinyl wall art soon and I'll give you a peek when it arrives. 

Now you can sleep in peace Harrison. Finally. 


Lexi said...

i love it! and i miss you! and i miss your boys! please let me know if you are over here at all...i can't wait to come see you sometime...hopefully very soon!

:) said...

aw... love it!

TrishtheDish said...

Harrison can sleep in peace?? Or now YOU can sleep in peace?? Hee hee

Thrifted Treasure said...

What a gorgeous nursery! We lie in a rental too and I'm itching to paint walls...

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