Thursday, March 26, 2009


Now, I'm going to try to not be dramatic here, but for those of you that know me in person, that's going to be difficult. 

I survived the FLU this week. 

I know I'm not the first person, nor will I be the last. 
But I do know this was the worst I've felt in a very long time and my survival was due to a few very essential items. 

First, Gatorade in a rainbow of colors brought life to my fever ridden body. 

Next, chicken noodle soup was there for me when no one else was. 

But above all else, my husband John and babysitter Sam saved the day. They did all kid duty so I could hallucinate and sweat all by my lonesome in my bedroom, with Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace to keep me company. 

Come back tomorrow for a chance to win a fabulous give-away to celebrate my return from the land of ill. 

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Beverly said...

happy you are feeling better!

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