Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Giant Peach - Kitchen Porch

It's been warming up here in San Diego and it was time to finish up the porch off of the kitchen. It had roofing shingles for a floor, so we put in some new plank vinyl that is waterproof and looks like bamboo. It's sold at Home Depot.

I found this table and bench in the "as is" section at IKEA, and bought the turquoise chairs there as well.

A few plants, candles and accessories, and we're enjoying the view with our coffee in the morning and glass of wine at sunset. Come join us!


Beverly said...

oh, it is so lovely and sweet.

Jules said...

ok the giant peach is making me sick...translation: everything is so dang cute!! Quit being the decorator that you a for a second so we can catch up.

Kim @ said...

Stumbled on your blog looking for something else, I had to comment on those fab turquoise chairs! I bet the weather is fantastic there now!

Kim @
party inspiration

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