Friday, March 26, 2010

Like it is.

Ben's almost a Kindergartener.

I guess I should stop referring to him and Bear as the "babies". He's making big strides these days. Maybe not with his legs yet, but with all of his adorable little heart.

His favorite activity is to scoot into his room, shut the door behind him, pull all of the books down from the bookshelf (he likes a selection) and look at them while singing to himself.

He loves when John comes home at the end of the day. John picks him up and Ben does a "face inspection". He touches all of the parts of John's face while talking up a storm. Ben especially loves the ears and cheeks.

Mostly, he just loves his life. He loves his family. He enjoys everything we do together. He has a smile and a "hi" for everyone we meet.

My life is less complicated because I have Ben. He teaches me how to live.


Jules said...

Thank you for that....tears streaming down my face. I miss him, I need a dose of Benner's. I can just totally picture him checking out John's face while talking up a storm.....LOVE HIM!!

Beverly said...

beautiful post and beautiful boy

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