Sunday, March 14, 2010

Golden Warriors

I'm self-admittedly a reluctant sports mom. I waited as long as possible to start because I could see myself at games twice a week FOREVER. Last years' t-ball team was a little bit slow, but coach pitch more my speed. I thought I'd be pretty ambivalent about my son's athletic abilities, but I have to say I might be one of "those" moms. Three hits yesterday. Two runs.

Don't you want to kiss his cute face in this uniform?


Kelly Gray said...

we cannot wait for garrison to be in sports...thinking soccer soon :)

Bernice said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with being one of "those" moms!!LOL :)

JuLieO said...
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JuLieO said...

My 3 thoughts when I saw the team photo.

1. One girl on the team, she's a redhead. That was my life....

2. Lincoln's standing next to her. ;-)

3. Lincoln's the only one wearing his hat still, and it looks like John's yelling at him to take it off.

Oh, final thought: He's a stud.

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